Up in the Air


I recently got back from a business trip. People always assume business trips are fun and exciting like it’s a vacation. Sure, I get to travel on the company’s dime, but I don’t always have time to do anything fun or explore the city I travel to. This last trip, for example, was to the San Francisco area; one of the most “exciting and favorite destinations in the country.” I wish I could say that I got to see all the tourist-y landmarks, such as the Golden Gate Bridge, but I can’t. My trip to “The Bay”, like most business trips, was only a short two-day trip.

I took a half day and flew out right after having lunch and arrived in my hotel in San Francisco at 6 pm. I actually landed much sooner, but traffic was horrible.Since I left after lunch, I still had a lot of emails to respond to and work to finish. So I spent another few hours working. I actually had to order room service because I was getting hungry while I was working. You’re thinking,

“Room service. Fancy!”

No. Not the case at all. Room service is not what it looks like it is on TV shows and movies. The food is usually rushed, and by the time it makes it to your room, it’s probably not as good as if it were served the restaurant. On top of that, they add a ridiculous amount of fees and taxes on your bill, so if you have a limit to your per diem, which I do, you wouldn’t be able to order the greatest thing on the menu. Anyway, I had to get up early the next day, so by the time I finished working, all I wanted to do was relax. I took a bath, turned on the tv, and practically passed out. After the meetings and sessions the next day, I went straight to the airport and flew back home. And with the traffic from the airport, I didn’t get home til the sun had set.

Despite what anyone tells you, travelling takes a lot out of you. There are times when you do get a chance to explore the city and have a drink at the bars. And those times are great, but on trips like San Francisco, I don’t have the energy to stay out late at night and still get up fine in the morning.

I’m not 21 anymore and frankly, I’m over drinking until the bars close.  I would rather have a drink or two, just relaxing.  I may only be in my late 20’s but I’d like to think I have my priorities straight.


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