Sleep Less, Read More

I recently received a Kindle Paperwhite from a special friend of mine. It was because I once told her how much I loved to read; how I used to just sit down on the couch all day, forget about everything, forget about eating, about school, about homework, and just read until I finished a book. I haven’t spent a day like that since high school. Back when I didn’t have responsibilities other than to go to school. College gave me too much freedom and I went to parties, concerts, anything to relieve the stress of classes and homework. As college rolled to an end, I became pre-occupied with getting a job and in this economy, it took me a a few years to get a decent one. I wish I could say that in that time I spent my days reading like I used to, but I ended up watching movies, playing video games, and spending time with my friends.

Since I’ve gotten the Kindle, I’ve been searching for books to captivate me. Books that would make me spend all day reading it, not wanting to put it down and go back to the real world. I spent my time reading books that my friends told me to read. Hunger Games, Twilight, and Nicholas Sparks’ books. Though, I admit the books were good, they didn’t do anything for me. I searched everywhere for book reviews and recommendations until I saw this video from The Readables (Top 10 of 2012). She listed her top books of the year including one that caught my attention, Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.


With my love of video games, Ready Player One intrigued me right from the start. The book is set a few decades from now, where the Earth’s resources are scarce and used up. The world is in decline, numerous wars are being fought, and the planet is dying. In this world, there is an ultimate virtual reality world that that majority of the Earth’s population use to escape the reality of their lives; this world is aptly named, OASIS. The main character is an 18-year-old kid who spends his life inside the world trying to solve the puzzles based on the creator’s obsession with 80’s pop culture and video games. When the creator passed away, he challenged users to solve the puzzles to find the “Easter Egg”  that he hid before he died. Whoever finds this Easter Egg earns the creator’s multi-billion-dollar fortune.

Unfortunately, none of my friends share my passion for reading and I’ve been dying to tell someone about this book  With all of the 80’s movie, music and video game references, I literally could not stop reading it. I didn’t even realize that the sun had gone up until I finished the book. I found myself envious and wished I was immersed in the virtual world that existed in the story. I highly recommend the book if you like video games. 

I sometimes hate the fact that I can’t make myself stop reading and prolong my experience with such a great book like Ready Player One. If I really like the book, I end up reading it all day or night. When I try to stop and go to sleep (and trust me I’ve tried, especially when I have to work the next morning), I end up laying there thinking about the story and its characters, I get anxious and I can’t sleep.  The only way to relieve the feeling is to pick the book back up and continue reading. It’s my addictive personality and how I loathe it. I can re-read it, but it’s not the same. I’m addicted to the anxiety of not knowing the mystery that lies ahead when I read a book. I’m not sure if anyone else feels this way, but I hope that everyone gets a chance to experience like it. There is something amazing about the feeling you get when you read a book you love for the very first time.


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